Friday, 09 December 2022 - 07:20 am
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Questions and Answers

Would it be cheaper to repair or replace a garage door?
My sister had an accident in which our mother’s garage door was damaged. It’s basically a huge dent. No one was hurt, thank God.

The door will not fully open or close. My sister had me open the garage door to see if it would open (it was closed when she hit it). The door moved upwards, stopped, and went up and down a few times before stopping completely. The door is about 10-12 in. off the ground.

Since the door is dented, I think simply repairing it vs. replacing it would be easier and cheaper for my sister. But really, I don’t know. Can anyone give us an idea as to what’s best for our dilemma? Thanks!

Posted by Red

Admin: You need a technician out there to assess the damage. When sections get bent too badly, they no longer fit together properly. There also may be damage to the tracks, a cable may have popped off, a roller may be out of the track, etc. Depending on the model manufacturer, a local company may be able to get you a replacement section (or two) at a fairly reasonable price. It can’t hurt to get a free estimate.
Don’t buy any crap from Lowes or any home center. These doors usually come with the flimsiest hardware and spring systems. They also charge a fortune to install them.
Go with a real garage door company.


How to repair press-board garage door with hole in it?
I have a press-board garage door with about a fist sized hole in it. In talking to folks, I heard about a “resin” or “filler” that can be applied to fix the hole and then paint over it. But no one seems to have a brand name. Does anyone know how I should go about trying to fix this?

Note that when I say “hole”, the material is all there, it’s just punched in.

Posted Ced

Admin: Glue a thin backer to the back side. Could even be small piece of sheet metal. Then apply bondo or exterior spackle in several thin layers, sand.If door has a texture with the last coat of bondo etc press a piece of material like wood to get the grain. Otherwise. Sand smooth, prime and paint entire door.