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Garage door wont close? how do i repair it?
garage door wont close. light remains on. when i use a wired or wireless remote i hear a click inside the motor. sensors are ok the led light on them remains lit, unless there is something in between the two sensors.i tried unplugging it, than plugging it back in, still nothing. it is a older model, lift-master.
Update 1: the door closes fine manually, no wheels are coming off, the garage itself is 3 yrs old so is the door, just the motor is older…
Update 2: The LED light on the board blinks 3 times(yellow) than it shuts off. another thing that I noticed is that when i take the chain off the motor does not stop rotating and it keeps on wanting to pull the door up. I opened up the box and i made a short between the connection that makes the garage door go up and it rotates the motor but when i make a short for the door to go down … nothing…
Update 3: it actually blinks 5 times, not 3 sorry about that

Posted by Rud

Admin: The circuit board inside the machine is bad. The clicking you hear is the motor relay. It isn’t the capacitor-they very rarely go bad. It isn’t the safety beams either.
If you look at the board next to the programming button, there is a small LED. It will be flashing an error code. Six flashes indicate a bad board. (It may not flash at all, but that doesn’t mean the board is ok.)
You say the machine is “older”, but not how old. If the unit is more than 7 or 8 years old, I wouldn’t even bother fixing it.