Friday, 09 December 2022 - 07:07 am
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Questions and Answers

Sears craftsman garage door opener replacement parts?
my moms garage door opener works fine the thing that you keep in your car stoped working its not the battery it just stopped working. where can i go to get a replacement for it. its from 1994 the door opener is fine just need the button thing replaced. is there one i can buy that i can set up to hers sort of like a universal remote for the tv but for the garage door opener. Thanks for any help.

Posted by Bill

Admin: Go to Sears and bring the car remote with you. They can fix you up. Remember the remote has to have the same code setting as the main.


How can i find replacement parts for Touch n Go garage door opener?
Need trolly assembly for Touch n Go model 1000A garage door opener

Posted Tim

Admin: Yep, I believe that is an old Overhead brand opener so they should have that part in stock – or at least have access to getting one. It is true that the trolley assembly shouldn’t really wear out (as mentioned by a previous poster) but sometimes they do. One thing I’d check just in such a case is the door’s spring tension. Make sure you can comfortably operate the door by hand. If the door seems heavy this can sometimes be the cause of a worn out traveler.  Follow the link below for more help.