Friday, 09 December 2022 - 07:36 am
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Garage Door Torsion Spring

Questions and Answers

Noisy garage door-torsion spring?
My garage door is so loud when it opens and closes. I have a torsion spring and a genie screw drive garage door opener. In the owners manual for the opener, it says that if you pull the cord on the arm (so you can open and close the door manually) and lift the door up halfway and it stays open, your spring is good but if it closes, your spring is not tightened correctly. Of course mine closes. If I tighten the spring, will the door not be as loud? I keep telling my dad that and he’s like the garage door is not that important. I think it’s important and i’m always scared the garage door opener will break from the extra weight. Will tightening the spring make the noise go away?

Posted by Yol

Admin: There’s really two problems here. a torsion spring that isn’t holding up the door should be adjusted. BE CAUTIOUS. this is not a job for many do it your self. An unbalanced door will cause undue stress on an opener and can cause noise issues. more often, it will just shorten the life of the parts, in your case, the carriage. The more likely cause of the noise is the opener itself. Screw drive are notorious for sounding like a freight train. try spraying some silicone or oil on the screw, preferably while it is spinning. DO NOT use wd40, it’s a terrible lubricant. That will probably reduce the noise somewhat but it will come back. Once they become noisy, the damage is already done. the steel screw eats away at the aluminum housing and creates extra room which allows the screw to rattle back and forth. Keep it lubed and you’ll be fine. If you would consider calling a door company to adjust the spring and lube the opener.


How long do tension springs last on garage doors under normal conditions?
We have a single door and one side is against the wall of the wooden interior [90+ yr old home-detached garage]. The company guy that put our garage door in years ago left a long nail in the wood on the side of the garage which was catching onto the spring halfway and stopping it from stretching 100% over the yrs. Recently the spring snapped right at the nail. The nail catching the spring was not noticeable because the door is so close to the wall on that side. Installers should know what they are doing, It took the service guys 1/2 hr today and charged just under 150.- to replace both springs. They charged 100.- for labor, the rest parts. Was that a fair price for 1/2 hr worth of work? One of the guys said the springs wear out anyways over the years but we have never had a spring snap at other homes we’ve owned and neither have any friends or relatives we know. We believe it would have lasted many more yrs if the guy had removed that nail when he installed the door. I at least wanted to hear, “Gee, we’re sorry he did not remove that nail before installing. He should have see that it was interrupting the spring.” Instead they came with an attitude that it was not going to be covered under warranty. I figured we had to pay something, but $100.- for 1/2 hr seems high for labor under the circumstances. Any contractors out there? I don’t want to think we got ripped off.

Posted by Eman

Admin: The price you paid is actually a pretty fair price. These particular springs (extension springs) used today will generally break in 6 -10 years on their own depending on usage.(Sometimes even sooner) The price seems high because you only saw them for a short time, but they have to pay for the truck, the gas, the inventory, the insurance, the taxes, and not to mention travel time it takes to get to your place. We charge just a tad under your price but others charge quite a bit more.